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Understand the designer bags and small leather goods market with BoF Insights’ new report on this $72 billion global category. The New Era of Designer Bags: Redefining Leather Goods is powered by extensive executive interviews and proprietary panels and surveys with high-net-worth individuals and general consumers in the US and China to glean what is driving how and why bags and small leather goods are purchased today, and tomorrow.

Including analysis of both first- and secondhand markets for premium to luxury brands, the report informs a range of strategy points, from silhouettes to pricing and sales channels, to enable executives to navigate the category which is set to grow to $100 billion by 2027.

Publication Date: July 2022

Price: £1,895

In The BoF Sustainability Index 2022, BoF Insights reveals how 30 of fashion’s most prominent global brands — across luxury, high street and sportswear — rank against crucial sustainability targets to transform the industry by 2030.

Results encompass more than 9,000 data points, gathered from ~200 proprietary metrics applied to the 30 companies, enabling a like-for-like benchmarking of brands’ sustainability efforts — the most extensive assessment of its kind and the outcome of 1,000+ hours of research.

The Index is designed to guide senior executives to catalyse their sustainability journey — and to inform investors and advisors on how to evaluate progress.

Publication Date: May 2022

Price: £2,495

BoF Insights works with leading companies to facilitate tailored executive briefings on its research. BoF Insights also selectively provides strategic advisory services to companies. Please contact us to learn more about these offerings.