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Understand the relevance and staying power of digital assets by learning about underlying technological and social shifts, what consumers believe about digital identity and ownership, why they purchase digital assets and how companies should engage over the short, medium and long term.

In The Opportunity in Digital Fashion and Avatars, BoF Insights offers its perspective on this rapidly evolving space along with a playbook for companies exploring this frontier.

Publication Date: November 2021
Number of Slides: 107
File Format: PDF

Price: £1,495

Understand the opportunity in fashion resale and develop a data-driven resale strategy by learning about the industry’s growth drivers, its prospects going forward and what motivates consumers to buy and/or sell. 

In The Future of Fashion Resale, BoF Insights offers its perspective on the upside of the industry, how it believes the landscape will evolve and how it recommends brands and retailers build their own data-driven strategies.

Publication Date: July 2021
Number of Slides: 123
File Format: PDF

Price: £1,495