Issue 07: A Connected World

Issue 07: A Connected World
The Business of Fashion is proud to release its latest print edition, “A Connected World.”
Driven by growing Internet access, international travel and integration of global markets, our fates are tied more closely together than ever before. In this special industry briefing, BoF examines how our increasingly interconnected world — with its opportunities and its challenges — impacts the way we create, communicate and consume fashion. Our cover star Jonathan Anderson, one of the most promising designers of the Internet generation, reflects on the cultural cut-and-paste of his creative process. But Anderson is not the only one who is embracing the new creative potential of a connected world. Tim Blanks sits down with radical imagemaker Nick Knight
 to discuss creativity in the Internet age. Meanwhile, celebrity comedian Ellen Degeneres, who has over 130 million social media followers, reveals her new direct-to-consumer recipe for selling fashion and lifestyle products. But growing global connectivity has wide-ranging implications for fashion well beyond creativity and celebrity marketing. Pricing transparency, global risk in an age of growing uncertainty, new "glocal" retail strategies and global inequality are all topics we tackle in-depth in our latest issue.
The edition is available to buy in PDF format only.